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Does Your Lansing Home Have Mold? Call SERVPRO Immediately!

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Closet Door and Mold Closet door from a home that experienced a water loss, but SERVPRO can help!
Mold can cause extensive damage to a home in a very short period of time.  Mold historically only takes about 3 days to begin growing in ideal conditions.  The three things that mold needs to grown is a water source, optimal temperature, and a natural source of food such as drywall.  Once mold begins to take hold in your home it can be very difficult to get rid of it. 

The highly trained technicians at SERVPRO of Calumet City/ Lansing are trained in determining the water source that caused the growth of the mold.  Once the source is determined we will recommend the work that needs to be done to both remediate the mold and ensure that it will not return in the future.

For more information on our mold remediation services, call our office staff 24/7/365 at 708-627-0077.    

Chicago Mold Testing and Remediation

12/19/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on walls and ceilings and a testing mechanism throughout a room SERVPRO provides mold testing and remediation when Mold becomes a problem

SERVPRO of Calumet City-Lansing provides mold testing and remediation services. Our trained technicians provide mold testing via air samples. Air sample are used to gather information about the mold spores in a given space. The sample are gathered using a pump that collects spores that can then be sent to a lab to be analyzed. Once the reports are prepared SERVPRO provides a plan for remediation if necessary. 

Mold remediation is serious business in Chicago. The EPA and other governing bodies require companies become certified to provide these services. Whether the work is being done in a residential or commercial building, precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of the workers and the building occupants. Our trained technicians are familiar with mold remediation techniques recommended by the IICRC and other industry leaders.

Realtors, property managers, insurance carriers, executive directors, and facilities managers in Chicago alike call upon SERVPRO of Calumet City-Lansing to act quickly when mold is discovered so a timely solution can be found. If you come upon mold in your home of building, call our office right away to get a Mold Inspection can be scheduled. Mold inspections include the following

  1. Thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home
  2. Temperature and moisture readings throughout the structure
  3. thermal imaging when called upon
  4. air samples or swab samples taken
  5. a complete report stating our profession opinions and recommendations for remediation